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Come into My Messy Bedroom

From creator Matt Zimbel:

In 1999 I created a television documentary series about sex and relationships called My Messy Bedroom starring Josey Vogels and co-starring Isabel Gomez-Moriana and Buffy Childerhose. It was directed by Tara Johns and co-exectuive produced by Campbell Webster. It was re-released recently on youtube’s Encore channel.

It was a revolutionary show then and it is revolutionary show now. So many people worked so hard on this program to make it so unique and I am so grateful to you all.

It began to have tremendous traction with audiences and it was critically acclaimed; The Toronto Star called it “Excellent. Sex and the City except with real women who have real sex lives”. It only lasted 26 episodes because the commissioning TV station was sold and the new owners had the brilliant idea of rebranding the station as the Canadian version of the Hallmark Channel…you go girls now that is innovation! We got yanked and almost lost our company.

Have a gander let me know what you think!”

Click here to watch episodes of My Messy Bedroom

I recently re-watched a few episodes and to be honest I’m mildly terrified to be sharing it here (there are definitely some cringe worthy moments). But, I’m also extremely proud of it. Not only was it was an incredible experience but it truly felt like we were part of something special and perhaps, as Matt said, even revolutionary (at least for the late 90’s).

Warning: lots of over-sharing. Watch at your own discretion.



eOne maps out the future of its scripted division
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In June 2016, I accepted a new job as Director of Development, Scripted TV at eOne and I moved back to Toronto from LA.  I wasn’t sure how my indie film sensibilities would transition to TV, not to mention being part of a global team & studio.

Suffice to say I’m really loving it so far…

First off, its a wonderful team of smart, savvy, creative individuals , with a wicked sense of humour, I’m reading an INSANE amount of scripts, books, manuscripts, graphic novels – basically ANYTHING that could make for good TV. And, I still get to champion great talent and original creative voices. I’m really hoping to get some very cool projects off the ground SOON!

Best of all I can walk to work.


I am a proven leader with over 10 years’ experience as a producer and executive.

I have a keen eye for discovering original voices, diverse talent and exciting projects and IP. I am equally at ease providing high-level creative feedback and strategic marketplace counsel, as I am managing the ins and outs of production and post-production. I speak four languages, am skilled at negotiations,  can broker relationships with international partners and lead a team towards success.


I am a creative at heart.

I balance the corporate goals and responsibilities of a senior manager with the creative passion and conviction of a filmmaker & content creator. I trained in theatre, have written on a TV series and have independently produced numerous films. Not only do I bring my experience as an executive to the table, but I truly understand creative talent and know how to collaborate with them. I can support their creative vision and broaden their marketplace awareness to increase the critical and commercial potential of their work.


I combine an Indie sensibility with a passion for media’s evolving global landscape.

I recently completed a global MBA, with a strong focus on international business, strategy, innovation and leadership, which brought me to China, India, Brazil, Europe and the UAE. It’s an exciting and innovative time in the media industries, as we explore alternate ways to engage  and interact with audiences, enter emerging markets, and distribute content through various new channels and outlets.

Its vital we access both our creative hearts and executive minds during these challenging, disruptive times — to take creative risks as we imagine new pathways, strategize on all fronts, and continue to break new bounds.


Sundance & the Current State of Independent Cinema:

“This year in particular, I was profoundly reminded of the importance of independent film in building awareness and empathy, challenging our biases, and expanding our understanding of humanity”

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